Transgender Jokes
Blog 05-04-2021

Transgender Jokes That Will Actually Make You Laugh

When you think of transgender jokes, your mind immediately goes to those hateful and sarcastic comments which crop up on social media links. Most of these jibes are born out disrespect and ignorance and result in a lot of people being offended. However, transgender people love transgender jokes as much as anybody. After all, if […]

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Best Transgender Quotes
Blog 02-04-2021

The Best Transgender Quotes of All Time

The world is rapidly changing for transgender people. Thanks to a number of celebrity role models in the spotlight, transgender youths are seeing themselves represented in all areas of the media and popular culture. Stars like Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner have helped establish a new “normal”. Through their words and actions, they have inspired […]

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How does transgender surgery work
Blog 14-10-2020

Spice Up Your Dating Experience WithTransgender Surgery

Transgender surgery not only enhances your love-making experience but also keeps a healthy relationship. Here is how it works. Transgender Surgery Surgical sex reassignment as a way of transgender transformation has many physical, psychological, and social benefits. By being trapped in a body that you do not identify with, you end up being overly anxious, […]

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Transgender History
Blog 11-10-2020

Transgender History As Evidence of A Strong-Willed People

The transgender history is filled with pain and a strong will to overcome by individuals who refused to be silenced by an ignorant society. The Transgender History Transgender history, contrary to myth peddled by hostile transgender critics, starts way back before human civilization. Apart from the presence of transgender depictions in ancient art and literature, […]

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Trasvestite Vs Transgender
Blog 08-10-2020

Trasvestite Vs Transgender Simplified

When looking for a transgender date, ensure that you have a clear understanding of transvestite vs transgender. Transvestites are not transgender and vice versa. Transgender vs Transvestite A transgender person is one who is allocated a wrong gender identity at birth. They live their lives feeling trapped in the wrong body and may end up […]

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Transgender Sex Stories
Blog 05-10-2020

A Review of Hot Transgender Sex Stories: 5 Hot & Spicy Stories

We do love stories, they are a beautiful way of connecting with people’s experiences. Reading “Hot Transgender Sex Stories” by Lisa Young, you can realize just how sensual transgender sex could be. You can learn a few tips that you can also pick to enhance your bedroom experience. Before we delve into the text, here […]

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Valentina Sampaio
Blog 03-10-2020

Victoria’s Secret Transgender Models at the Peak of Beauty

Victoria’s Secret Transgender models’ beauty is one more reason you shouldn’t keep your transgender date waiting. Victoria’s Secret Transgender Models Victoria’s Secret Transgender models join other Transgender people who have contributed a lot to the art world for a long time. Transgender people have written best-selling novels, created classic works of arts, and produced award-winning […]

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Dating As a Trans Lesbian
Blog 02-10-2020

Dating As a Trans Lesbian

Life can be troublesome enough when you’re a transgender person, but things get really confusing and difficult when you couple that with also being a lesbian. There are a lot of benefits to that, but there are also disadvantages and obstacles you have to deal with in order to best enjoy the lesbian dating with […]

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A Transgender Male
Blog 01-10-2020

A Transgender Male Could Be Your Next Big Date

What is a transgender male? The answer to this question could be why your next date will be the beginning of a happy ending. What is Transgender Male? Transgender male, F2M, or female to male are terms used to refer to a man who is allocated the female gender at birth, but he identifies as […]

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Advice On Shemale Dating
Blog 30-09-2020

Best Advice On Shemale Dating

There are many young men and women in today’s day and age that are enticed by the idea of finding a sexy tranny to chase through a range of online shemale dating sites. Who can blame them? You can meet a special transsexual someone that can offer you the best of both worlds easily if […]

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