Trace Lysette
Blog 01-06-2021

The Transgender Actors and Actresses Making Waves in Hollywood

From Boys Don’t Cry and The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert to The Danish Girl and Orange Is the New Black, the topic of transgender representation has been a complex one on both the big and small screen. Plenty of cis actors and actresses have found acclaim playing transgender roles. Jared Leto and […]

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Assumptions About Pre-Op Transgender Women
Blog 19-04-2021

You Can’t Make Assumptions About Pre-Op Transgender Women

You can’t make assumptions about pre-op transgender women Some transwomen will open up about their experience. Others will be more private, especially in the context of the early stages of connecting with a prospective partner. When we’re referring to the transition of someone born male who wishes their assigned gender to be female, they could […]

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How to Deal With Tranny Chasers
Blog 19-04-2021

How Do You Deal With Those Annoying Tranny Chasers?

People get into online dating for all sorts of reasons, and the majority of these individuals approach this activity with a sense of commitment. Unfortunately, there will always be a few with ulterior motives. So, what are we referring to by using the term ‘tranny chaser’? Essentially, this is someone seeking transwomen for a relationship, […]

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transgender date Offended
Blog 19-04-2021

Your TG Date Will Be Offended if You Ask These Questions

Before getting as far as outlining sensitive areas, it would be worth setting the scene. Perhaps you’re relatively new to Internet matching sites, let alone TG dating, but have been considering getting familiar with a trans single for some time. What you need to appreciate from the outset is what makes someone trans – getting […]

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Transgender Resources
Blog 14-04-2021

The Most Useful Transgender Resources for Transgender People

Coming out as transgender is one of the most difficult and terrifying challenges a person can face. So many individuals feel like they are on their own and have no support when it comes to accepting how they truly are. However, we are here to tell you that this is not the case. There are […]

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Transgender Movies
Blog 11-04-2021

Transgender Movies

If we are to choose the top 10 transgender movies, we must first decide how we class a movie as transgender. Before the 1960s, there were glimpses of the transgender issues and identity in mainstream cinema. An example of this is Some Like It Hot with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon playing the parts of […]

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Famous Black Transgender Women
Blog 08-04-2021

Five Famous Black Transgender Women Who Will Inspire You

In a world where the black community and the LGBTQ+ community have both been victims of discrimination, coming out as a black transgender woman might seem like one of the most difficult things to do. However, nowadays, these members of these groups can turn on the television and see a famous black transgender woman staring […]

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Transgender Jokes
Blog 05-04-2021

Transgender Jokes That Will Actually Make You Laugh

When you think of transgender jokes, your mind immediately goes to those hateful and sarcastic comments which crop up on social media links. Most of these jibes are born out disrespect and ignorance and result in a lot of people being offended. However, transgender people love transgender jokes as much as anybody. After all, if […]

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Best Transgender Quotes
Blog 02-04-2021

The Best Transgender Quotes of All Time

The world is rapidly changing for transgender people. Thanks to a number of celebrity role models in the spotlight, transgender youths are seeing themselves represented in all areas of the media and popular culture. Stars like Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner have helped establish a new “normal”. Through their words and actions, they have inspired […]

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How does transgender surgery work
Blog 14-10-2020

Spice Up Your Dating Experience WithTransgender Surgery

Transgender surgery not only enhances your love-making experience but also keeps a healthy relationship. Here is how it works. Transgender Surgery Surgical sex reassignment as a way of transgender transformation has many physical, psychological, and social benefits. By being trapped in a body that you do not identify with, you end up being overly anxious, […]

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