Unraveling the Mystery of What Causes Transgenderism


So, What Are the Real Reasons?

First, we should make one thing clear. Transgenderism is not a disease. So, we will not be talking in terms of what “causes” it. We will be talking about the uniqueness of this sexual orientation. It is disheartening to see that the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-4th Edition” enlists gender identity disorder as a psychological disorder. Societies around the world have a different take on transgenderism. Some take it as normal, but most of them subject trans people to constant ridicule. It can have an immense physical, mental and emotional effect on anyone’s personality. So, what makes this sexual orientation unique? What makes people have different sexual perceptions? Let us have a look at the most common theories:

  1. Genetic constitution: Most people come with a binary set of sex chromosomes, XX(♀) or XY(♂). However, some people come with triplets of chromosomes like XXY, XYY, and all other variants. These people may or may not know that they have an altogether different genetic constitution. The presence of an extra chromosome changes the way their body functions. For example, a person with XYY will be a female in physical appearance. But the presence of an extra Y chromosome will make the male features predominant.
  2. Hormonal imbalance: These are medical conditions related to sex hormones imbalance. Normally, male and female hormones are produced in the bodies of people belonging to both sexes but in differing proportions. Males have more testosterone, while females have more estrogen and progesterone. Sometimes, males begin to produce more female hormones. This leads to the appearance of female features like enlarged breasts. Over time, it may lead to feminine behavior. Likewise, in hirsutism, there is an excess of testosterone production in females leading to masculine features.
  3. Psychological factors: Gender identity is complicated. While there are people who clearly can define themselves as male, female, intersex, or transgender, some realize it later in their life. But one thing is common for all of them. They do not feel comfortable in the skin of their assigned gender. They are better with other gender’s outfits or hairstyles, or body language.

How to Embrace Transgenderism?

The biggest hurdle that transgenders face is the unfriendly attitude of society, especially of their own family. Before you go on to persuade your loved ones to be comfortable with you, love yourself first. Here is how you can embrace your unique sexual identity:

  1. Accept yourself: You might be the birth-assigned boy or girl and have lived a life like that for many years for now. But know that there are not only two genders; being a transgender is also an option. Being one is not a disorder or disease. Do not let anyone feel bad about yourself. Love yourself first.
  2. Be open: No more hiding. Talk to your parents, friends, and closest confidants. The more you share, the more you gain. Some people might be rude to you, but that does not mean that everyone will act like that. At least you know who feels comfortable about you.
  3. Educate yourself: Give yourself a wider perspective on your gender identity. When you educate yourself, you become self-aware. You shed your inhibitions and get rid of misconceptions. Always know that being transgender is not something bad or quirky. There are millions like you around the world!

How Do I Find Other Trans People for Dating?

Isn’t it tough to find love being transgender? You got to handle your society and face their biased remarks. But then, love always finds its way to you! The world is slowly opening up to transgender. There are countless websites dedicated to trans dating. Here are the benefits of using these trans dating websites:

  1. No awkwardness: Cut short the uncomfortable moments. On these websites, everyone knows what being transgender means. So, the conversations are better, no biased opinions, lots of profiles for dating.
  2. Better choices: These trans dating websites have lots of profiles. So, you have more options to find your perfect partner.
  3. Casual and serious opportunities for relationships: These websites allow you to look for hook-ups as well as long relationships. Just specify it in your profile, and your soul mate will find you!

Here are the steps to finding your perfect partner on any typical trans dating sites:

  1. Create your profile on a trans dating site.
  2. Enter your details, photograph, choices, and all other fields.
  3. Take the membership if you feel concerned about the services.
  4. You are ready to embark on your romantic journey!

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