Transsexual Vs. Transgender: What’s the Difference?

Transsexual or Transgender - difference

It can be hard to define these terms, especially since the meaning may vary from person to person. Let’s just take a look at the general uses, term by term, starting with transgender. What exactly does this mean? Simply put, transgender is a blanket term for people whose identity doesn’t match their assigned one. It’s important to note the difference between gender & sex: the first one is a social construct as opposed to sex, which is a biological, medical identity. Transgender people may be transsexual, but all transsexuals are transgender. Transsexualism is usually thought of as not only having a different identity but also having a desire to change genders through hormones & surgery physically. The term transsexual was retrieved from the medical community. It was often grouped in with other terms like gender dysphoria, which implies a mental health problem.

These terms have been used throughout history as a basis for discrimination against trans men & women. Fortunately, the LGBT community has been a great source of support for many transsexual people. Often there is some overlap, with some people whose sex is male, but they identify as female, or vice versa, within this community. The LGBT community doesn’t judge a person for being trans; they support sexual freedom for everyone.

Transgender is a term that can be used for any person whose sex varies from their gender. It is no wonder that people often confuse transgender with a transsexual. These terms are often great sources of confusion, even for individuals within the communities. Just remember that in general, transgender is about mental gender identity, whereas being transsexual implies a desire to transition to a different sex. For example, an intersex person who identifies as a woman would be transgender. A crossdresser who has had surgery to change their sex would be transsexual. Identity is one thing, but what about sexual orientation? Are these related? It is an easy answer: no. There is no relationship between being gay, or within the LGBT community, & being trans.

What Is Transgender?

We know its definition, but there is a lot of historical significance as well. The transgender & transsexual community has been the target of a lot of discrimination. They spent many years fighting for their rights. These battles have won them many things, such as

  • The right to choose a gender identity different than the one given to them at birth
  • Gender reassignment surgery rights
  • Access to proper health & medical services.
  • The ability to change themselves into the person they want to be.

Since way back, transgender & transsexual individuals have been fighting against the transphobic machine that is modern society. It took many years, but the trans community finally retrieved its respect. A great example of this is in all the transgender dating options available online today. Trans people worldwide flock to dating sites to meet others like them, go on dates, & connect for sexual encounters. A cis man or woman could also use these services for anything from casual conversation to sex. These sites are for trans folks & trans allies alike, so they are a great way to meet new friends. If trans dating is something you are interested in, you’re in luck. Nowadays, trans dating is also often presented on traditional dating websites, not just trans-only platforms, so the number of choices you’ve got expands every day!


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