How to Tell If Someone Is Transgender


When you are just looking, it’s certainly hard to tell if someone is transgender. Although there are no universal visual methods to distinguish a trans person, you may hear different myths. For example, many people believe the main difference is related to the hips. It is said women have wider pubic arch than men. Another thing you can pay attention to is the shoulders. The female shoulders are way shorter than the male.

You can observe the people around you and make assumptions about trans, but be careful what questions you ask them. You can easily offend them if you use the wrong pronoun. Or if you do it accidentally, you’d better apologize sincerely and quickly. If you are interested in meeting more transgender people, you should register at tg dating sites. The following tips will help you treat transgender people properly and create successful relationships with them.

Understand What “Come Out” as Transgender Means

In today’s society, coming out as gay, lesbian, transsexual, or whatever is seen as simply revealing the truth. People usually place great value on the idea of being “out” to feel complete and happy. Unfortunately, more and more transsexuals feel discouraged and not confident enough to disclose to others they are transgender. That is because once the people around you find out you are trans, they start judging you. However, some transgender people choose to reveal their gender history and identity to raise awareness. But they don’t need to discuss it to feel happy. They have made the transition, and that is their life and choice. We all just have to accept it.

Respect Trans People’s Gender Identity

If you want to make friends with a transgender person, you should always respect the terms they use to describe their gender identity. In case they are still not sure of what identity label to use, don’t push them and give them enough time to figure out which one fits best. Put yourself in their shoes, and you probably won’t like others to define your gender identity. When it comes to tg dating online, it would be easier for you to see what information they have provided on their profile. In this way, you don’t have to wonder how to call them. You can focus on your conversation and common interests. Transgender people are sensitive creatures, who in many cases, are seen as perverts and harassed. That is why you have to be extremely careful not to offend them.

Avoid Asking about Medical Interventions

In most cases, people are very curious about transsexuals’ surgical status and genitals. But it will be so inappropriate to start asking about such intimate things. If the person wants to share with you this information, they will bring up this topic. The same thing is valid for sex-related questions. Imagine how weird it would be to ask transgender people how they have sex. If you are just friends, you don’t need to know so many details. When you are interested in dating a transgender person, then you may have to discuss these things. Usually, transgender people are open-minded enough and able to predispose you so that everything will happen naturally. As in any other relationship, you don’t need much talking about intimacy, and you need action. Consequently, if you are into tg dating, enjoy your partner’s beautiful body and don’t ask too many unnecessary questions.

Transsexuals have existed for many years all over the world. There is increased attention to them recently because of gender diversity’s heightened awareness. Some people are broad-minded and accept this kind of lifestyle and choice. Others are skeptical and tend to harass them. The truth is, sometimes you can’t even tell for sure someone is transgender. Many transsexuals undergo different surgeries or procedures and take hormones to get as close as possible to their dream appearance. Others just don’t want to get medical interventions or have no financial resources. The gender identity of a transsexual is not dependent on their physical features and these medical procedures. Everyone has to accept the choice of transgender individuals and agree with what they say. There is no need to blame these people just because they are different. Don’t forget different can be good.

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