A Transgender Male Could Be Your Next Big Date

A Transgender Male

What is a transgender male? The answer to this question could be why your next date will be the beginning of a happy ending.

What is Transgender Male?

Transgender male, F2M, or female to male are terms used to refer to a man who is allocated the female gender at birth, but he identifies as a man. In other words, a transgender male is a man who was born in a woman’s body.

The conflicting identity makes the transgender male spend his life suffering anxiety, a condition technically known as social dysphoria. To overcome this challenge, the male transgender person must transition into his male identity through sex reassignment.

How Does the Transgender Male Transition Work?

Before sex reassignment, the male transgender person lives a sad and uncomfortable life, and can only overcome this through a medical or social transition:

Social Transitioning

A transgender male person who decides to transition socially does this without altering his body. Social transition focuses on the way people address and view him and can be done in the following ways:

  • Coming out to his family, friends, and colleagues as a transgender male
  • Changing from his allocated feminine name to a masculine name
  • Consciously dressing in masculine clothes
  • Insisting on being referred to with masculine pronouns like ‘he’ ‘him’ and ‘his,’ in place of ‘she’ ‘her’ and ‘hers.’

Medical Transitioning

This method alters the male transgender person’s body function and physical appearance through hormonal alteration and surgery.

Hormone Therapy

The hormone is the injection of male hormones to stop the male transgender person’s feminine body functions and encourage the development of masculine attributes like facial hair growth or lowering of the vocal pitch of the transgender male.

How Does Male to Female Surgery Work?

To the transgender male, the medical procedures are a small part of his medical history and should not determine his identity. Some of the surgical procedures include:

Removal of the Uterus

The transgender male is not intent on carrying and mothering children and, therefore, he undergoes a hysterectomy to remove his uterus.

Apart from being unable to carry children after this surgery, the male transgender person stops getting his monthly periods.

Chest Restructuring

To make the transgender male look more masculine, surgeons remove his breasts through top surgery or masculinizing chest surgery.

If the male transgender person has small breasts, he can retain his natural nipples, but if his breasts are big, the surgeon has to use the cut tissue to make equally sensitive nipples.

The downside of this surgery is that, as most surgeries do, the wounds may take a long time to heal, and he risks hematoma and seroma.


Surgery to make the male transgender’s clitoris function as a penis is a primary way to enable the transgender male to have sex. There are four ways of carrying out this procedure that is also called meta:

  • Simple Meta, where the doctor releases the clitoris of the transgender male from the surrounding tissue to boost the clitoris’ size. This procedure does not modify the vagina and the urethra.
  • Full Metoidioplasty involves the full release of the clitoris. It then uses tissue from other parts of the transgender male body to make a scrotum and connect the new penis with the urethra after removing the vagina.
  • Ring Metoidioplasty which has the benefits of the full Metoidioplasty, but instead of getting tissue from other parts of the body, the surgeon uses vaginal tissues to connect the new penis to the urethra.
  • Centurion Meta is the most recommended type of metoidioplasty since it is less painful and heals relatively fast. The surgeon uses the connective, fibrous tissue available on the labia majora to make the new penis stronger.

This surgery takes tissue from other parts of his body and makes a penis for the transgender male. The tissue is removed from the hands, legs, and torso of the transgender male.

Transgender Male’s Sexuality

The male transgender person is mostly heterosexual, but his sexual orientation is as varied as that of cisgender people, and he can be gay, bi-sexual, or even asexual. Dating a transgender male is an exciting opportunity.

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