What are the Best Gay Dating Sites Online?

There are many gay male dating sites online and what people think are the best queer dating sites will depend on their preferences. Some people will be instantly attracted be free gay dating sites. After all, nobody likes spending money if they can get something for free. However, when it comes to online gay dating, most users appreciate that the free standard memberships that are available on online dating sites are fairly limited. It also depends what you are looking for. Are you looking for casual flings or something longer-lasting? These singles will be more interested in what the best gay dating sites for serious relationships are above anything else.

How Do Gay Dating Sites Operate?

Gay dating sites essentially operate in the same way as straight online dating sites. Most follow a very similar pattern. They allow users to create a dating profile aimed at attracting other users to chat, meet and strike up relationships. Contact is generally made through a series of matchmaking algorithms that

use. Chat rooms and messaging features are also available go allow users to communicate with each other. The main difference between gay dating sites and straight dating sites is that some dating sites are specifically aimed at the gay community.

Everything You Need to Know About Buddygays.com

buddygays main page

Buddygays.com sells itself as the site that enables gay singles to come together with each other, as the name suggests. The site aims to make flirting and chatting easy and fun and brings together various features to this end. As a plus point, all profiles and the main photo of each user is visible for all members. This is a useful thing as it will give you an idea for whether the site might be suitable for you before you sign up for a premium membership.

The gay site also markets itself as a service for ‘gay social discovery’. What this essentially means is that if you think you might be interested in gay dating but want to tread carefully, you can use the dating site for fun and friendship first before getting more adventurous.

Overall, it is good that the search functions on the site are free but, as is to be expected with sites, messaging is only available as a feature for paid members. New members need to complete a short personality questionnaire. In terms of ages on the site, the most popular age ranges are young to middle-aged. Prices are mid-range, but to the higher end of the dating spectrum.

Here’s the Lowdown on GaysTryst.com


Gaystryst.com is the site designed to help singles to connect and hookup for sexual encounters. In line with many online sites, straight or gay, messaging is a feature only available with a paid membership plan. Compared with many other sites, the communication features of this gay dating site are fairly limited. However, it does offer a really affordable 3-day trial. This give users a good opportunity to see if the site is the site for them.

Owned by the massive company, Together Networks Holdings, with its reputation comes it size. The site has over one million users across the world. The gay site has a similar design interface and look to other sites under the same roster. The most users are in the USA and the UK and most members are 25-34 years old. One thing that you can be sure of is that all users will be absolutely gay. Only males are allowed on the site.

The site has several useful features. You can send a wink to another user and this can be used as a good icebreaker and a way to indicate that you are interested in another single on the site. The Like Gallery is similar to the swipe feature made famous by Tinder.

Taimi – Recommended or Not?

Taimi main page

The third and final site in our round-up is the popular Taimi. In fact, Taimi isn’t a dating site at all, it is only available as an app. The app is downloadable from Google Play for Android devices and if you have an Apple device, you can download the app from the App Store.

The mobile app-only format shows you the way that online dating has gone over the last few years. Most of us do are dating and communicating on the go these days and use apps more than conventional desktop dating websites.

Taimi is aimed at all LGBT singles who want to find friendship, dates and love. It is free to download the app and is totally useable even without a subscription. The site has been cleverly marketed and has been endorsed by several internet celebrities, only adding to the kudos that the app enjoys. As well as this, the site is also noted for its reliable security features.

The app offers a mixture of both free and premium features to suit all needs and budgets. It is important to be aware that the app is not exclusively for gays. It welcomes members from right across the LGBTQ community, although its gay membership base is larger than its lesbian contingent. However, right across the spectrum, younger members dominate the app.

For those singles who prefer to do their online dating through a mobile app, this could be the ideal choice of dating site.

Gay Dating Sites: Are They Dangerous?

Gay sites aren’t dangerous at all. They are no more dangerous than any other online dating site that you will come across on the internet. Of course, like any activity you undertake online, you need to take reasonable steps and common-sense measures to ensure that you stay safe.

You should always be careful about the amount of personal information you share online, of course. Lots of people who use gay dating sites will want to remain anonymous, and if you want to too, be mindful about the information or personal data you make available. Similarly, when you feel ready to arrange a face-to-face meeting with another user on the site, you should always follow the usual guidance and safety tips, such as always arranging to meet in a public place, and always informing a friend or family member of your plans. You really have nothing to worry about if you are sensible, but it always pays to be safe rather than sorry.


Are Any Gay Dating Sites Available for Free?

Most gay sites have free standard membership. Buddygays.com is a good example and a great place to start.

What is the most Gay-Friendly Dating Site Around?

All the sites here are gay-friendly. However, Gaystryst.com is particularly accommodating and welcoming to gay singles.

Are Gay Dating Sites the Right Thing for You?

Many online dating sites cater for straight and gay singles, but for most gay singles, gay sites are the best choice.