The Trusty TSMingle Review You’ve Been Waiting For

Trusty TSMingle Review

If one-night stands, casual hookups, and fleeting affairs are what drives your passion to skyrocket, then it is best if you join TSMingle now. This review will open your eyes to the reality that love or romance is nowhere near the TSMingle app. Every member here loves hookups only.


TSMingle is free to use for all trans people as well as non-trans individuals. There are over half a million users of this site, and all members are looking for casual dating only. Sex is the primary reason to sign up, and the users don’t care about privacy or emotion.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up process at TSMingle is quite easy. You simply need to provide:

  • Username
  • First & last name
  • Password
  • Email
  • Gender
  • Birth date

There is a Terms and Conditions link after the required fields, but honestly, who reads them? Once you are registered, you can start browsing, chatting, and flirting.

Free Account on TSMingle

There is no charge when you sign up at TSMingle. A free account allows you to see all the naughty members and communicate with them. At first, you’ll get overwhelmed by the scandalous profiles and photos that greets you, but you’ll get used to them and learn to appreciate them so much.

Profile Quality

Truth be told, the quality of profiles at TSMingle is not good. The users are clearly after sex only. Period. But, since many trans people are looking for a casual tumble in bed, then the TSMingle app does serve its purpose. Just manage your expectation well and satisfy your needs.


The quick search feature of the TSMingle app is simple and efficient. You just need to filter the age and location and click search. Of course, review your options prior to moving on. There are member profiles available even if you are not a member, so searching is so easy.


TSMingle does offer a safe online world for trans people and others. Once you register at the TSMingle app, your data is protected. But you also need to do your part and not reveal any personal information at the site. And when you meet up with your dates, exercise caution.


The TSMingle app and website was created by trans individuals who wanted to build a fun virtual world for transsexuals and their fans. The design at TSMingle is quite straightforward. This is in line with the fact that when you become a member, you never have to hide true intentions.

Prices and Cost

TSMingle does not offer a trial subscription. Rather, it only has one Premium membership of $14 for a whole month. It’s a recurring charge so pay attention to your due date. If the paid membership does not appeal to you, then you can stay as a free member with limited features.

But if you’re wise enough to opt for the premium package, then you will definitely get more hookups compared to the free users. So pay up. After all, you’re here to get laid, right?

Customer Service

For any concerns about the TSMingle site, you can simply contact the customer service support of this platform. You can send a message regarding a complaint against another user, or just to ask questions about the site. Whatever is bothering you, the support team is always there to help out.


Due to the high volume of daily registrations of new users, the customer service team may not have enough time to accommodate all emails. So get ready to wait for hours before you get a response. But the good thing is they do attend to all messages. Sometimes it just takes long to send a message back.

Experts Conclusion

TSMingle is no doubt the best trans dating site for transsexuals. I used to be ashamed of who I am, but fortunately I found the TSMingle app. My life started to change after I created my online profile for free. I became happier, and always in a flirty mode.

Somehow, I got out of my shell and socialized with other transsexuals and male members. And then one day, I was matched with the hottest, sexiest man in the world in my eyes. That is why in this review, I highly recommend TSMingle.

Pros and Cons

As mentioned, TSMingle is a place for casual sex and nothing more. Trans people flock to this platform because they gain considerable benefits, and clearly the advantages outweighs the drawbacks.


  • Free registration
  • 8 years in the online dating industry
  • Live-Chat
  • Group chat
  • Spam profile reporting
  • Proven to provide seamless hookups


  • No diversity in paid membership package
  • All profiles and photos are public at TSMingle
  • Zero proof needed for identity verification


You may have tons of questions about the TSMingle dating site, but in this review, we address the two major concerns of trans members.

How Do I Come Out as A Transsexual Gracefully?

Coming out as a transsexual is not easy, but it can be done gracefully. Trust in TSMingle to help with your smooth transition to the dating world. Simply build an attractive online profile, and after the short process, send a message to first man who caught your attention.

How Safe Are Transgender Dating Sites?

Transgender dating platforms are safe to use, especially TSMingle. You can input your personal information and trust that the data is encrypted. And though the TSMingle app is quite new since it was launched in 2013, this site is very popular in connecting trans women and men for casual relationships.

Try TSMingle today for an easy hookup!

Trusty TSMingle Review