TSDates.com Review: Is It Worth Your Time?



TSDates.com is an online dating site based in the United States, predominantly made for users in the LGBTQ+ community. That being said, the site is welcoming to people of all genders and sexual orientations. It does no matter if you are straight, gay or bi, or simply somebody who wants to explore the transgender world; this site is perfect for all sorts of people.

With 88 million members across the globe, this is one of the most popular adult dating sites. But is it worth your hard-earned money? Check out the full TSDates.com review for more details.


As aforementioned, TSDates.com is aimed at the transgender and transsexual community first and foremost but is also happy to welcome people of all persuasions into its database. There is plenty of straight, bi, and lesbian users – all of whom are open-minded enough to give transgender dating a try. That being said, the majority of users class themselves as either transgender or transsexual, which makes it a haven for those who identify as such.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Like most other dating sites, TSDates.com makes it easy to sign-up to the service. Registration is quick and simple, and there are plenty of verification processes that help keep things secure and safe. When you sign-up, you choose your identity and specify what you want to get out of the site. You answer some personal questions first and foremost; then, you have to verify your account. Also, we should mention you get the option to register as a single person or as a couple.

Free Account

While there are options to use TSDates.com as a free service, you definitely won’t get the full experience. The site is built with premium members in mind first and foremost. For example, chat-rooms cost a monthly fee, but they are the best way to meet trans people on the site. You do get a few free messages to send to other users, but these are hit and miss. You never know who is going to reply or just blank you completely.

Profile Quality

Profile quality is definitely one of the major drawing points to TSDates.com. When you sign up, you can choose whether you register as a single person or as a couple. From there, you can pick gender identity, what you are looking for, and upload photos. With so many variables, you really have a chance to showcase the real you and let people know exactly what you’re after on this site. Profiles can get quite detailed, and there seems to be a very limited number of fake users.


The TSDates.com search options are, for lack of a better word, substantial. There are plenty of filters to help you find people in your area, as well as the ability to discover local transgender, transsexual, gay, straight, and bi individuals. Results are usually accurate as well.


TSDates.com has installed plenty of verification procedures, which makes it incredibly difficult for fake profiles to thrive on their service. You can easily report and block troublesome users. You also have access to customer service around the clock, so if any issues do arise, they can be handled quickly and efficiently by one of the admins


TSDates.com is built with usability in mind. The interface is well laid out and easy-to-use. The web development team has opted to keep things sleek and simple. Features are labeled and readily accessible. However, your account homepage is somewhat overwhelming and a far cry from the minimalist design of many other sites of a similar ilk.


For me, this is where TSDates.com really falls short. While you can use the site as a free member – you only get full access when you get your credit card out. There are plenty of features to use, but each one costs a pretty penny. You’re looking at paying over $100 if you want the Gold Membership for a year. Also, if you want to come up in the search highlights, you have to pay an extra fee.

Customer Service

TSDates.com has something of a questionable customer service record. Essentially, if you are a free user, they do not take your queries as a priority. However, if you are a premium subscriber, you are given round-the-clock access to the admin team. While they are prompt at dealing with your requests or issues if you are on the Gold Membership, it does not seem fair that those who do not pay are left out in the cold.


While TSDates.com is good for many reasons, it does have plenty of drawbacks, plenty of which we have mentioned above. The price of services is enough to make you gasp, as is the customer service available for those who cannot afford to pay for premium.

Our Review

So, is TSDates.com worth the price? While it offers many cool features, we would say you are better off trying a higher rated site first and foremost. TSDates.com, despite having a large user pool, is expensive for what it offers. However, if you have tried other sites and not had much luck, TSDates is still definitely worth at least a month’s subscription


Is TSDates.com good for meeting transgender women?

If you have the money to pay for premium, TSDates is great for meeting transgender women. There are not many fake profiles, and most users identify as transgender or transsexual.

Is your TSDates.com account protected?

Yes – TSDates have gone to great lengths to ensure your account is well protected. Any unusual activity or attempted log-ins will be sent to your email for verification. You also have to sign-up with a verification process. You can’t do this without a valid email. You can also report and block any unwanted users with ease.

Is it worth paying for TSDates.com?

If you have tried other trans dating sites and fancy something different, this is definitely worth paying for. However, if this is your first introduction to transgender online dating, I would suggest opting for a cheaper option first and foremost.