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Transgender Date review

When it comes to transsexual dating, the security and authenticity of the dating sites you choose make a big difference to your dating experience. Here we look at TransgenderDate and give you our honest review of what you can expect if you decide to join.

Members and Users

You’ll find quite a mixture of people, and given that Transgender Date is free, it isn’t surprising. Some are genuine members, some curious browsers, and some a little less friendly.

  • 80,000 US members
  • Around 500 users log in per day
  • 110,000 members across the world
  • Around 20% identify as female, and 80% identify as men.

The TransgenderDate Sign-Up & Login Process

There are two stages to creating an account. The primary login is simple and takes about one minute. That sounds easy and straightforward, but the big caveat here is that transsexual dating is often vulnerable to spam accounts, and it would be nice to see a little better security here.

You can verify your account to become a ‘VIP.’ Again, no cost, and the process involves taking a photo holding up a sign, so, unfortunately, it’s not the most advanced or secure safety protocol you might like to see.

How to Create a Free Account on

To create an account, you need to select a user name. Be careful here, as you can’t change it later. You cannot log in through social media, but only need to provide a few details:

  • A user name – usually not a real name.
  • Your preferred gender identity.
  • What gender identity you’d like to meet.
  • An email address.
  • Your zip code.

Profile Quality on

Transgender Date members don’t need to create a profile, and a lot of users don’t. That means you can receive messages from people with no information other than a user name, which gives rise to unsolicited contact and poor search results.

Searching for Compatible Trans Users

When seeking a legitimate transsexual single, our Transgender Date review found it to be more of a commercial advertising platform than somewhere you can find local people.
Search functions as basic, and given that some members don’t include much profile information, or create a profile at all, the results are variable in quality.

Safety and Security

Safety is our key concern; because there isn’t much at all. There are no block or report buttons or functions; group forums are open for anybody to join, and you can only contact customer support through an email address.

Usability and Design of

The functions work reasonably well, but the design could do with a breath of fresh air. The website feels clunky and outdated and would benefit from modernizing to make it easier to use and more enjoyable.

Costs and Subscription Options

Transgender Date is free of charge, and upgrading to a VIP membership through verifying your profile photo is also free. There are add-ons you can buy, such as an advanced search, but the membership itself does not offer any premium upgrade options.

Customer Service Support and FAQs

Unfortunately, there is no customer support number and no report or block function. If you receive an abusive message, you can email and request that the account be investigated or removed.

Pitfalls and Security Factors to Beware Of

The main issue, as our review has discovered, is in the lack of security. While the site markets itself as free, that means very little safety is in place, and there is no end of spammers and fake users joining the site for malicious reasons.

New 2020 Review of

There is a lot to be said for a free dating site, but the problem here is with a universally free service, it offers very little protection from spam users. Given that profiles are optional, it can be nice to socialize and network without dating pressure, but the flip side is that members aren’t held to any objective standards of conduct.

You can send messages directly to other members and attach images, which is great for flirting but exposes vulnerable men and women on the site to unsolicited photos that could easily be offensive or disturbing.

The absence of advertising is another big plus point. Still, we’d rather pay a few bucks for a quick website and a more polished interface that is fun to use than have an outdated webpage and clunky functionality that doesn’t cost anything.


Is Transgender Date suitable for meeting transsexual women?

It can be, yes, but there are a lot of pitfalls you may check above. If you’re interested in exploring some of the most contemporary dating sites to meet trans women, check out our top-rated platforms HERE.

Is My account protected?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a vast amount of security – although that does make registering a fast and straightforward process. Given that is free to use and the verification process very simple, the site is vulnerable to spam users and fake accounts. There are instances of abusive behavior, and so it is down to the members to report suspicious accounts.

Is it worth paying for Transgender Date?

There aren’t any premium options on Transgender Date, which is both a positive and a negative. The good news is that you can use all of the features and functions without paying anything. That bad news is that there are no enhanced security features, and the site is left right open for anybody and everybody to join, without much control over the members.

Transgender Date review