Review: Should You Pay for Premium?

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Bonus is one of those transgender dating websites with something of a chequered reputation. For example, some people have complained about a growing number of fake profiles. Yet, there are plenty of transgender users who swear by this site and say it has worked wonders in their love life.

We decided to take a look and see whether or not the site is worth your time and money.

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As you would can probably imagine, most of the users on are transgender – transgender women if you want to be specific. There are tonnes of genuine profiles and users looking for romance. However, it is evident there are also plenty of fake profiles and scam users. You can usually tell who these people are – as they have little or no information on their profile description.

Sign-Up and Login Process features a very simple registration process. You need an email address to verify your account, but I’m happy to say sign-up only takes a couple of minutes. If you are pushed for time, you can fill in your profile at a later date. There are eight required fields, and the rest is optional, meaning you have some degree of choice about what you choose to disclose.

Free Account

Of course, you can sign up for a free account at However, you do not get the full range of features, and your enjoyment of this online transgender dating site will soon become limited. If you want the best this website has to offer, you really do need to pay a rather substantial fee. However, we’ll discuss that a little bit later on.

Profile Quality

Unfortunately, profile quality varies from person to person on You can usually tell who is real because of how much information they disclose in their description. However, there are lots of fakes and admin-controlled profiles that are created to entice you into paying for the premium membership. That being said, the profile layout is easy-on-the-eye, and nothing ever feels muddled, which cannot be said for other sites, such as

Search, like many of its peers, has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the search engine. You can choose gender, sexual orientation, and location (among other things), which really helps when it comes to finding the perfect person for you. Again, just be careful about who you speak to, as there is bound to be plenty of fake users who “live” in your area.


As I have previously noted, there are a large number of fake accounts on the system. This means you have to be vigilant about who you are talking to. However, you can block any suspicious characters with ease.

We should also mention there is no way to hide your profile photos. They can be viewed by anybody who visits the site. So if you want anonymity, this is probably not the site for you.


The website design is easy to digest and simple to navigate, whether you are browsing via your desktop or mobile device. Profiles and text are never difficult to read, and, for the most part, all features work in the way they are supposed to. With a minimal design, this transgender site gets high marks for usability.


Compared to a lot of other dating sites, is on the more expensive side of the scale when it comes to the monthly fee. Considering they don’t have a lot of big selling points (not to mention a questionable reputation), you may want to think twice before forking out the $39.95 subscription cost each month. If that sounds like too much money, we suggest trying somewhere like or first.

Customer Service

There is an active customer service team available to help with any problems which may arise. They can help when you are confronted with suspicious individuals and can sort any tech issues you may experience. Response time may not be the quickest, but they usually solve any glitches or gripes with minimal fuss.


While has some positives for transgender and transsexual dating, it suffers greatly when it comes to fake profiles. There seems to be more fake profiles than real ones in the database. Considering the price of the monthly subscription, this is simply not good enough. That being said, we have spoken to real people who use this site, so it’s not all doom and gloom on that front.

Our Review

Honestly, we would advise you to check out some of the other sites we have reviewed before stumping up the cash for There’s plenty to enjoy on this site, but it is plagued with specific security issues, and it does not offer anything of note for the larger-than-most membership fee. That being said, we were successful when it came to arranging some dates on this site, so if you are looking for a different trans dating site to the ones you have used in the past, may still be worth a go.


Is good for meeting transgender women?

If you are trans or looking to meet transgender women, has been known to yield positive results. However, you’ll run into plenty of fake profiles along the way. I would say it is good for meeting people, but you need to be extra careful about who you speak to online.

Is my account protected?

In many ways, your is very secure. For example, you need access to your email if you want to register a profile. You can also cancel your paid subscription at any time, and you won’t be hit with any hidden charges.

Is worth the money?

Personally, I don’t think is worth the fee. There are plenty of genuine transsexual users, but it’s a slog trying to wade through the fake profiles to get to them. If you want my advice – save your money and go somewhere else more trustworthy.


transdate site