Exclusive New TGPersonals.com Review

tgpersonals review


Looking for the best US dating site to meet transsexual men and women? Our newest TGPersonals.com review delves into the work of trans dating to highlight all the pros and cons you need to know about!

TG Personals Membership and Users

TGPersonals.com is notoriously vague when it comes to transgender dating, and it means you get mostly members looking for casual hookups and very few wanting genuine relationships.

  • 195,000 US members
  • Around 440 people login per day
  • Even gender split with 50% identifying as men and 50% identifying as women.

Trans Personals Sign-Up & Login Process

Creating an account is simple, and as you’d expect from a free transgender site, there isn’t much safety here, apart from verifying a link in your email. You need to enter a few details, which takes around five minutes:

  • Your name
  • Username
  • Sexual orientation
  • State
  • Email address

There are no security checks or ID verification, so you could input pretty much any information you like. However, your email address needs to be genuine as you get an activation link to start your account.

Quality of a TGPersonals.com Free Account

Users have three options to interact with other transgender men and women on the site – you can add them to your Crush list, send a message, or add them as friends like on a social media site.

There are a few features to use, but the site is basic and doesn’t include anything like the quality of profiles, image galleries, matchmaking functions, or specific search tools that we’re used to seeing.

Profile Quality on TGPersonals.com

When you register, you choose between looking for transsexual friendship, love, sex, or roommates. It’s great to see such an open site, but unfortunately, the platform’s nature means that very few members take the time to fill in any information at all.

Most profiles are poorly detailed, contain no photos, and are rudimentary at best.

You can change profile information later on, but most members leave it populated with just the necessary information. Hence, it is tough to find out anything more about somebody who has messaged you.

Using a Transsexual Dating Search

The issue with the simple registration is that searches don’t return any viable results. Users only enter a state when registering, so location-based transsexual searches are not worth doing, and with such little profile information, the search is arbitrary.

Security Features on TGPersonals.com

Security is the big problem here and is noticeably lacking from any platform features. You need to verify your email address and tick a box to say you will abide by the rules – but if you don’t? It’s probably not going to be addressed.

Design and Function of TGPersonals.com

The TGPersonals.com website isn’t great, and although the service is free, we’d happily spend a few cents to have a transsexual dating website that is fun to use and a little easier to navigate.

With some fresh images, more contemporary fonts, and a little reshuffle of the features, TGPersonals.com would be much better.

Costs and Subscriptions at TG Personals

Accounts on TGPersonals.com are all free, so there are no subscription costs available. Unfortunately, that means the service is equally basic, security is non-existent, and the customer service support doesn’t seem to be accessible from the site.

Customer Service Support Quality

The best option if you receive malicious messages on TGPersonals.com is to tag admin in the post. There are no block or report buttons, no customer support number, and no help button to request assistance if a fake account or spammer targets you.

Pitfalls, and Issues at TGPersonals.com

Our TGPersonals.com review found that the most significant issues are:

  • Lack of security, safety, account privacy, or customer support.
  • No options to upgrade and enhance your experience.
  • Outdated website design.
  • Lack of clarity about relationship types

Editors Summary Review of TGPersonals.com

For us, TGPersonals.com would do much better to introduce some decent security services, even if they were only available to premium transsexual members. The site is open and accessible to all sexualities and genders. Still, unfortunately, given the vulnerability of this demographic, the lack of control and free registration makes it exposed to spammers and hackers.

Many of the transsexual members have no profile information at all, and you can run a search without expecting to find any kind of useful details since the data is so vague, and the search functions are basic. Not the best transgender dating option, even if it is free. For some better-performing trans dating sites, we’d recommend visiting our RATING.


Is the TGPersonals.com account protected?

Unfortunately, not really – while there are terms of usage, having a free dating site with little moderation and no real verification protocols mean that anybody and everybody can create a free account.

Is it worth paying for TG Personals?

TGPersonals.com is free of charge. That sounds great, but the issue is that you can’t choose to enhance your privacy settings or take control of which members who are happy to chat with. We prefer trans dating sites with reasonable fees, which offer excellent value for money rather than a free service that doesn’t quite deliver the right standards.

tgpersonals review