An In-Depth Butterfly.Dating Review

An In-Depth Butterfly.Dating Review


Doesn’t Have a Large Pool of Members

Butterfly.Dating has 42,000 users from several countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and France. When it comes to gender ratios, 23% of the members are cisgender females, 43% of the population is made up of cisgender males, while the remaining 34% are transgender singles. It’s hard to find people online because many members are not active. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or random hookup, you will not find it on this site. There is a myriad of scammers who have set up fake profiles with stolen photos to lure victims and get their information so that they can use it in fraudulent activities.

Unsafe and Difficult Sign-Up & Login Process

The registration process is straightforward: You only need your email for verification purposes. You don’t have to provide other details about yourself. When it comes to adding your profile photo, you can leave it blank, and they will still approve your account. Unfortunately, this gives scammers a chance to create many fake accounts. The login process is easy but risky since the site doesn’t use SSL encryption to protect users’ data.

You Can’t Find a Date With the Free Account

You can register an account for free and start browsing through the profiles of transsexual women near you. However, you won’t be able to access most of the important features that the website offers, such as chat and messaging features. As such, finding a date is a mission impossible.

Profiles Are of Low Quality

Most of the accounts at this dating site are not detail-rich. Profile photos are also either blank or cropped, making it hard for you to know what to expect when you decide to meet up with a trans single on the platform. There are also a lot of fake profiles, so you can’t know if you are chatting with a real transsexual woman or a scammer. Additionally, the pictures are blurry and not clear enough, which makes it difficult to choose someone by looking at their features.

Searching for a Potential Date Is Not a Breeze

To find single transsexual women at Butterfly.Dating, you can use their tools. The search function allows you to find like-minded transgender singles nearby. The matching algorithm on this platform often overlooks ideal partners and suggests strange matches that don’t meet your dating goals. Lastly, most of the matches that their system will send you are not near your area.

Doesn’t Provide a Safe Dating Experience

The platform doesn’t offer features that ensure the safety and privacy of each member. Moderation is always crucial to ensure that a dating platform is safe for everyone. Butterfly.Dating isn’t doing enough to get rid of fake accounts on the platform. Many unscrupulous people use confidence tricks and try to gain the affection of users. They use this goodwill to trick people to send them money. The scammer can also attempt to convince you to give them your sensitive information and then use it to commit cybercrimes while posing as you. In turn, this can result in long-lasting repercussions for your online reputation.

Poor Web Design

Butterfly.Dating offers an app for people with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It also has a desktop and a mobile version that members can access with a web browser. However, the app is confusing to new users, and pages take time to load, which makes it hard to navigate through the platform to find transsexual women. Furthermore, the website has too many colors and fonts that will distract the user while they are looking for a compatible trans single.

Costs of Available Packages Are High

While the paid membership allows you to send and receive unlimited messages, it’s quite expensive. And this is one of the reasons why this transsexual dating site is not that popular. Some of the payment methods that the site offers include:

  • CCBill
  • Fonix
  • Paypal
  • SecurionPay

Unreliable Customer Service

The customer care team at this online dating site is inefficient. Most members are always complaining about their slow response time when they have an issue that needs the support team to solve. Also, users can only contact the support team via email since there are no other contact methods.

Major Pitfalls That Make the Platform Unpopular

Here are some of the major cons of using Butterfly.Dating to find transsexual singles.

  • The site is not user-friendly for newbies
  • Unreliable matching algorithm
  • Matching is not based on your area of residence
  • Not a safe platform for transsexual dating, as it exposes more than 90% of the members to potential online dangers
  • Not ideal for random hookups or long-term relationships
  • You cannot contact transgender women without a premium membership

Our Review of Butterfly.Dating – Not Suitable for TG Dating

When it comes to transsexual dating, security is always one of the important factors that people consider. For this reason, we recommend people not to sign up with this platform since it won’t protect their personal and financial information. There are also loads of scammers, so it’s hard to differentiate between real and fake accounts. It gets worse: The premium membership will cost you an arm and a leg. As such, if you are seeking a reputable transgender dating website, you should look elsewhere.


To sum up, here are some of the most common questions that daters as about this online dating service.

Is Butterfly.Dating good for meeting transgender women?

No. The platform is full of fake profiles and scammers who are there to take advantage of singles looking for transsexual women.

Is Butterfly.Dating account protected?

The site claims that it uses state-of-the-art security technology; however, many users say that hackers have stolen their information and used it in fraudulent activities such as tax fraud.

Is it worth paying for Butterfly.Dating?

There many transsexual dating sites that offer users a safe dating experience at an affordable price, so it’s not worth paying for their plans.

An In-Depth Butterfly.Dating Review