Here Are Some of the Best Free Bisexual Dating Sites

Are you looking for free bisexual dating platforms? Haven’t you been able to find the best one for you yet? Well, now you are in the right place. Read this article to know everything about the best dating platforms and have a focused approach for all bisexuals. Provided below is a pretty brief but detailed list of the best 5 dating platforms for bisexual people.

Not many dating platforms are focused on bisexual dating, and it is hard for them to find the perfect date. But not anymore, we have listed the best sites with good features and affordable prices!

Looking for a Relationship Online on Free Bisexual Dating Sites?

You can easily find singles online! You need a proper website to carry out all your wishes and find the perfect match. Finding a match can be difficult if you are not on the right dating platform. Therefore, here are a few things you need to be careful about:

  • The website has no specific dating preference
  • No focused dating
  • Chatroom availability 
  • A wide range of chatting options
  • Free messaging

If you have all those features, you will find a compatible relationship on a free bisexual dating site. The following is the list:


With an average of 4.5 stars, this website works well for bisexual individuals.

Do you want to know if this is the website for you? Keep reading:

  • Members  — most members are from the USA (about 500,000). Also, they have an average of 120,000 weekly new logins. These numbers suggest that people prefer this website quite often.
  • Membership Base — the website has a higher percentage of women 25 years old and above. In the age-group 18-24 years old, the percentage of men is higher. 
  • Free services — sign-up, searching using all the filters, and viewing profile photos-are available for free. You can also send winks and know who is online and who is not. 
  • -month membership is $27.01, and the 6 6-month membership costs around 12.24 per month, and 3-month membership will be around $15.15 per month.

This website has an overall score of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. has members worldwide, and there are around a million members from the USA This website has 1.7 million visits per month and 500,000 active users weekly. 

There are around 35% of males and 65% females on this website. A vast variety of ethnic groups of people including people from Brazil, the United States, and India.

Free services include:

  • Account registration
  • Profile creation
  • Quiz matching
  • Member search
  • Chat room access

The pricing of is as follows: if you have a 1-month plan, it will cost $23.99, a 3-month plan would cost  $62.37, which comes out as $20.79 per month, and 6-month plan will be $95.94, which comes out to be like $15.99 per month. main page

This website has an overall score of 5 stars out of 5 stars.

This website has around 400,000 users online, and they are global. This website is available in 45 countries and serves in more than 20 languages.

The free features are as follows: account registration, sending winks, adding users to your favorite list, replying to messages. 

One-month membership of comes at $28.80, and a 3-month membership costs $48.60, which makes it 16.20 dollars per month. main page

This website has a rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars.

This website has many users from different ethnic groups. It offers a wide variety of people with a vast background.

Free features include account creation and usage of search engines. This website’s pricing is as follows: 1-month membership costs  34.95 dollars, and 3-month membership costs $59.90, which will make it 19.97 dollars per month. Because it has many fake profiles, the rating is lower than on other platforms. 

bicupid main page

This website is rated for 4 stars out of 5 stars.

This website has just under 1.3 million members. With that many users, one has many options to choose from. This website has an awesome reputation and is one of the really good ones out there.

Free services include:

  • You can browse anonymously
  • You can see complete profiles
  • Use the advanced search
  • Initiate and reply to messages
  • Browse compatible matches
  • View full-sized pictures
  • View videos and more

Pricing is as follows: 1 month costs 33.39$,  3-month subscription fee is 69.99$ which makes it 23.33 USD per month, and 6 month costs 109.99$ which makes it 18.33$ per month. 

Tips for Starting a Successful Online Dating 

To start online dating, you have to follow essential rules. These small tips will help you find a new partner and start a relationship. Therefore, it is important:

  • Respect the bisexuality of another person and be polite in any case;
  • Do not constantly ask them whether they like every person they meet;
  • It is better to accept your partner the way they are rather than trying to change them;
  • Bisexuals are not confused; they know what they like and what they want as all singles;
  • They are trustworthy and deserve your love just like any other person would;
  • Their sexual orientation does not determine their character;
  • It is always good not to judge bisexuals based on their sexual orientation.

Additionally, bisexuals get attracted to both sexes, but this does not mean that they will be in a relationship with 2 people at a time. It depends on a person and their wishes; they could find a partner for monogamous relationships.


How many people are bisexual?

According to HRC foundations research, approximately 50% of the people who identify as gay, lesbian identify themself as bisexual. 

Can a transgender person also be bisexual?

Yes, a transgender person can be a bisexual person but not always. Also, all bisexuals may not be transgender too.

What is Biophobia?

Biophobia is a fear or hatred towards people who are bisexual. It is present in a few sets of people and is a sign of a non-progressive world.

Are free bisexual dating sites safe?

Using online dating platforms can make people nervous since it includes an element of surprise because you never know who is behind the website and whether they are genuine or not. Bisexual online dating platforms can be safe; there are many platforms to choose from. It depends on how you choose the website; the way to choose the safest website is to do some research before using the website, look at some of their safety features, such as user data encryption. If the website encrypts the users’ data, then it is a good website.

Few websites, so for verification of profile, do your research that the website you are interested in verifies the users’ profile by using some government-issued ID which makes it a safer place for everybody. Make sure the website that you choose has good overall ratings, how they respond to customer queries and how they manage if any mishap happens. 

How to choose a bisexual dating site?

Choosing a bisexual dating site can be quite challenging because there are a lot of options available. Here are a few things to help you out on how to choose a website. Check how many active users are there on that website; the number of active users determines how quickly you will get a match. More people means more matches.

If you are interested in a specific ethnicity, make sure the website has users from that group of people. See what are free features? This will provide you with a sneak peek of the website and help you make a better-informed decision. Security features, ID proof verification, customer service response, and user data encryption all of them are a great way to safely use the internet to make sure a website has these features. See the pricing: while a free account is good because it costs nothing but some websites offer more for your money, many platforms have a premium subscription which gives you a better chance at matching or finding a date.

Register at the dating site you like and find your true match!