Best Bisexual Dating Sites

The internet has indeed made the world feel a little bit smaller than it is. Thanks to online dating, your odds of finding the most suitable dates look better than they previously did before it. Lets, take Bisexual dating as an example.

Unlike previous years, it has become very easy for bisexuals to meet. Whether you are looking for a long-lasting relationship, a simple hookup, or just a friendly encounter, chances are there is a site out there for you. We will review some of the best possible options available for you and why you should consider joining them.

Can You Find a Relationship Online?

The simple answer to this question is yes. About 20% of most relationships today started online. This certainly means that finding that special someone online is not impossible.  The most important ingredient is knowing what you are looking for and using it to lead you in the right direction.

If you are looking for a relationship with a bisexual, there are tools out there to ensure your success. You will not only find a variety of hopefuls to choose from, but you will also be able to check for qualities you prefer. The following sites are great for bisexual dating:

onenightfriend for transgender dating

OneNightFriend is predominantly American. There are more than half a million members, most of whom are male. Men outnumber women 3 to 1. The age distribution is pretty narrow. Most active users are between  24-35.

OneNightFriend offers free registration to its members.  It comes with a mobile app version that is also free of charge. Some basic features like adding a profile picture, updating a status, doing simple searches are also free.

If you join this site, you will have three possible subscription plans:

  • 1 month – $39
  • 3 months – $65.7
  • 6 months – $106.2

Rating: 4.2/5

benaughty is predominantly a USA-based dating site with about 500 thousand members. The dating site encourages over 18 to join, and a big fraction of the members are women. This makes it a good place for single males looking for a date.

Getting setup on the website is free. Other non-paid features include profile creation, sending a wink, and making changes to your favorites list. The site offers the following premium options:

  • $0.99 for a one-day membership
  • $1 for a week
  • $ 28 for a month
  • $ 48 for three months

Rating: 4.5/5 main page

This website is quite popular, with more than a million members distributed all over the globe. Out of this total, 30% of the members are from the United States (the majority). This website attracts a young audience, with most members being younger than 35.

The site rewards new members with a free three-day trial. Here, most features on the dating site are at the user’s disposal. This includes creating the perfect profile, using advanced search tools, and messaging other members.

After the trial period, members have the following options:

  • A 1 month paid membership for $ 29
  • 3 months for $49

Rating: 4.4/5

ebonyflirt sign up

The target audience for this website is black singles who are looking for a date. It is predominantly American with more than 150 000 members. A good fraction of the population represents the LGBTQ community.

It comes with a free app for android users. In addition to this, signing up, profile creation, looking up members is free for all members. A few other interesting features, like chat rooms, are only accessible in the premium version. Members have the following membership plans to pick from:

  • $29 for a one-month membership
  • $47 for three months
  • $79 for six months

Rating: 4.2/5

AskMe4Date Sign Up is a dating website designed for singles in the UK, so it’s no surprise that most members live there. However, the website is also accessible to individuals in other European countries.

The initial registration to the website comes at no cost. It only includes adding important information such as email address and password. You can also create a free profile and use some of the site’s basic functions like searching for local singles or sending a message. The following are the possible pricing plans:

  • $ 0.94 for a day
  • $ 5 for a week
  • $57 for a month
  • $ 62 for three months

Rating: 4/ 5

Bisexual Dating Stereotypes & How to Date Online

Sometimes people make assumptions about things they don’t understand, and this breeds stereotypes. Bisexuals are unique in that they are attracted to both sexes, making them a big target for stereotypes. So what are some of the most popular ideas about bisexuals?

One very common misconception about bisexuals is that they are always looking for a three-way. However, this is not usually the case. Adventurous couples are more likely to search for a bisexual single instead.

Another common stereotype involves the promiscuity of bisexual women. Many individuals assume that they are always looking for a hookup and wouldn’t settle for a traditional relationship. In actual reality, this is not the case. Promiscuity is not a determining feature of any sexual orientation.

A lot of people still believe being bisexual is a ploy to get attention or follow trends. The LGBTQ community is getting more recognition, and you’re more likely to know someone who is part of it. This, however, shouldn’t be mistaken for a trend. People who identify as Bi know who they are and are not just being “trendy”. Dating sites for bisexuals will give you a chance to meet like-minded individuals, and you will be able to understand who bisexuals are.


I am using the site and face the unicorn hunting definition; what does that mean?

Unicorn hunting is a practice that is becoming more mainstream, especially with the developments made in online dating. So what is it? Before we can understand what it is, we need to know who a unicorn is.

Unicorns are individuals who are willing to play the role of a third with a couple. In many cases, they are bisexuals who are okay with engaging sexually with both parties of a relationship. Unicorn hunting is, therefore, the practice of seeking unicorns by couples.

Adventurous couples now can include a third person in their sexual experience. This is all thanks to the online dating sites that are evolving and becoming more inclusive. Any couple who wants to satisfy their curiosities can search for a bisexual website, and the chances of them finding a willing unicorn is quite good.

Looking for a bisexual dating site, what options do I have?

Choosing a good dating site for bisexuals can get a bit tricky, especially if you are new to it. With so many possibilities out there, how do you know which ones are the best? The following features should help you to identify a good site:

  • The initial registration is free and easy to complete
  • A great dating site should have a decent number of members
  • Safety should be a top priority, especially if personal information is submitted
  • A good website prioritizes profile creation to prevent the creation of fake accounts
  • Enables users to find matches whenever they are requested
  • Offers tools that work for its members

The best bisexual dating sites will offer you variety. They will make sure you get the experience you signed up for, especially using premium features. Sites like have been designed to do that. All you have to do is sign up; try now!