Best Adult Polyamorous Dating Sites

Best Adult Polyamorous Dating Sites

Polyamorous dating sites such as,,,, and lots more are sites that provide the opportunity for sexual attraction and fantasy for adult and other single adults irrespective of their country or continent. On polyamorous dating site, many single adults are always on the action and are ready to start good relationships. Having these adult singles ready to hook up means that the site is always a beehive of activities.

Where Can I Find Polyamorous Personals?

Finding adult polyamorous personals is one of the simplest things anyone can do online. It simply requires signing up to be a member of polyamorous dating sites. Since its establishment, it has become a haven of safety for many single adults seeking friends, lovers, and partners worldwide. Currently, the polyamorous dating site has 40 million users and over 15,000,000 active participants daily.

To meet gorgeous adults, signup on your device and upload a profile with your photo. Not only that, they declare who you are and what you need on the dating platform. The process of registration on the app is very fast, simple, and straight forward. Another good thing about it is that it can be used anywhere in the US, Germany, and Spain, among others.                                        Dating Site

flirt polyamory is a dating site that was launched in 2009 and has helped to connect many singles ready for a relationship from all walks of life. One of the top choices you can make in life is being a dating site member. You have over 4 million users who are always active and ready to start relationships right away on this site. The process of becoming a member is very simple. It only requires going online and registering with your device, and you can connect from anywhere in the world. Are you curious to know the charges for these benefits? Check the price for their services below:

Premium Membership for 1 Month is 28.80 USD, and for three months, it’s 48.60 USD at 16.20 USD per month. With this pricing, it is obvious that they want equal opportunity for all, so the price is affordable. There are levels of features to be enjoyed by members of the dating site.

Some of them include; Flirt Costs and Prices. Under the free features, members enjoy account registration; they are allowed to send winks, they can add users to their favorite list, and gave the opportunity of replying to messages. Under the priced features, members can access unlimited chats and premium support; they can engage in extended search and share big photos, emojis, videos, and lots more. According to reviews, Review

  • 8.1/10 Overall Rating
  • 6.5 Value for Price
  • 8.5 Quality of Members
  • 9.0 Ease of Use
  • 8.0 Customer Satisfaction
  • 8.5 Safety

Being one of the best dating sites, Benaughty haven of rest for millions of people seeking a partner for a relationship. The site currently has over 120,000 active members every week, with over 500,000 thousand from the US. However, this dating site is opened to everyone that are of age. Cost and priding of premium value are based on a day -3 months, and the price ranges from 0.99 USD for a day, 1.00 USD for a week, 28.80 USD for a month, and 16.20 USD for three months. 

Benaughty is a dating site that has many free features that will give you the best internet dating experience for everyone. There is a basic model that everyone can use. When it is turned on, it enables all users to prevent members that have suspicious behavior from sending messages to them. With the full basic safe mode, you can receive messages from verified accounts only. Certain features on the site make your browsing experience moments memorable. 

These paid features allow you to send messages to other members, it allows you to see a photo album of members and also unlock the “looking for” dating information, on the dating site, it allows you to see the location of the user, as well as allowing the sharing of videos and images and it is rated five stars with how it treats all its members.

fetlife polyamory is a dating site that comprises all the LGBTQ community. It is one of the most trusted sites where you can find the best partners. Currently, this site boasts of 9,592,836 members. On this dating site, you meet and chat with many people across the cross, and with this opportunity, it is very easy to build love relationships online.

Unlike other dating sites with a huge membership cost, has made sure all their costs are affordable with a suitable time table for every individual. Membership runs at 30.00 USD for 6 Months at 5.00 USD per month. 60.00 USD for12 Months at 5.00 USD and 120.00 USD for 24 Months at 5.00 USD per Month.

This feature allows a member to explore the fetishes they like. This is done by clicking among the choices of 60 fetishes available, and the member would be redirected to the list of members and groups with the same interest. Also, there’s a list of other related fetishes that you might want to know about as well. These among lots of features members benefit from on According to performance, FetLife is rated 3.5 on signing up, making contact: 4.0, quality, 3.5, and review 3.5

beyondtwo Polyamory is an online dating site that is dedicated to connecting people worldwide under an umbrella. This dating site shelters all, including polyamorous, mixed, conventional, and it boasts of over 10 million users worldwide. The main aim of the dating site is to get polyamorous partners in one community and make for an easy connection for relationships. To become a member of beyondtwo dating site, sign up and upload your picture with a good profile that states your intentions. 

On beyondtwo dating site, there are two major features that members enjoy. They are free and special. Although the cost for special features is not displayed, under the free features, members enjoy easy signing up, easy searching of members, communication with other members, browsing of thousands of photos, follow members, report the fake account, opportunity to click and join other groups by members, easy navigation and many more. Beyondtwo has a 100% rating when it comes to the delivery of services to its users.


This is yet another dating site targeted at polyamorous dating. It is a site that boasts of millions of people all seeking love in their way. The site is equally filled with men and women of all ages. Particularly falling into the age bracket of 25 to 50. The site offers 90% of its features for free.

The site is mostly free. Another unique thing about this dating site is that payment can be made through many means such as GiroPay, Paysafecard, bank transfer, Credit Card, Direct Debi, Bitcoin, and others. Becoming a member of this site is very simple. Just log in, register, upload your profile with a picture, state what you want, and watch the amazing way members will admire and show interest. Apart from that, there are special features that members enjoy. 

What Is Polyamorous Relationship?

Polyamorous relationships occur where there is a form of consensual non-monogamy. This means that polyamorous dating accepts more than one person in a relationship, otherwise called open relationship or swinging dating. It is, therefore, not polygamy. It is noteworthy to make it known that it is not the same as cheating. In polyamorous dating, there is mutual consent or agreement on having other partners, while in cheating, the other dating or married partner might not be aware. 

Also, there is deception, falsehood, betrayal, lying, and secrecy among the dating partner in cheating. However, this is not so with polyamorous dating; in polyamorous, the partners are still interested in the relationship and are well committed. It does not mean that the partners are unhappy about their decision.

It does not mean that partners involved are meant for group sex because a polyamorous relationship is seen as having a license to have sex with more than one’s partner or one person. It does not mean that partners have sex with multiple partners at the same time.

Polyamorous Dating Tips

To get into a polyamorous relationship, there are few tips that you need to know to avoid many pitfalls and get along with the partners involved.

Here are some of the tips:

  • Trust
  • Constant communication
  • Mutual Consent/ Respect
  • Learning how to handle jealousy
  • Be a lover of a variety of sex life
  • Know your take on a polyamorous relationship
  • Be honest
  • Consider emotional/ physical boundaries.